Berman Ltd. is a Japanese B2B consulting firm that specializes in connecting Japanese businesses to Israeli and American businesses. We focus on getting new products in and out of the Japanese market, find and facilitate partnership opportunities, and provide a variety of services such as translation of legal and technical documents and multi-locale web and media creation. For a full list of our services please see the Services section. 


How to Write Good Essays For College

Essays for college students will be graded on three separate, but related, criteria. The essay must be well written, grammatically correct, relevant to the class topics, and a reflection of the student’s thoughts and opinions.Essays are graded by the class, therefore all essays should be submitted by the final day of class, typically on the…

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Why You Need to Hire a Research Paper Writer

It is important to have a research paper author because he or she is able to write the newspaper in such a manner that is likely to make the reader listen and know what the researcher is trying to say. A good writer knows it to clarify a subject, an individual needs to include many…

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DiplomaTech: Japan is in Need of a Digital Upheaval, Israeli Tech Can Help

An interesting article highlighting how COVID-19 has effectively slowed economic relation development between Japan and Israel; and how now is a crucial point where specifically focusing on strengthening those relations can help both countries. There’s a bit of nuance and some things left out of the article, such as that the current economic growth concerns…

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